CYANA Function: idord

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idord(integer) = integer


Given the index of a dihedral angle with respect to the original order of dihedral angles, this function returns its actual dihedral angle index.

Optionally, the integer dihedral angle index can be replaced by a string consisting of the dihedral angle name and the residue number, separated by a blank or a period, ..

The original indexing 1,...,nd of the dihedral angles is made according to the the order of the dihedral angles in the residue library and of the residues in the sequence. When the tree structure of the rotatable dihedral angles is set up upon reading the sequence or executing the angles fix or angles free commands, this original order is modified such that the rotatable dihedral angles 1,...,ndfree precede the fixed dihedral angles ndfree+1,...,nd. This becomes the standard ordering of the dihedral angles.