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cyanafilter [option] file ...


Extracts information from the automatic NOESY assignment (*.noa) files. The cyanafilter shell script filters a NOESY assignment report according to a variety of criteria. Assignment information is printed for the peaks that match the given criteria. NOESY assignment reports are produced by the assign command that is used, for instance, in the combined NOESY assignment and structure calculation strategy implemented in the noeassign macro that yields NOESY assignment report files called 'cycle1.noa', 'cycle2.noa', etc. for each cycle of the calculation.


list assigned cross peaks that were not assigned manually
list assigned cross peaks
-b atom
list peaks with a (used or unused) assignment possibility to the given atom
list compatible peaks
list peaks with not enough quality
list incompatible peaks
-k atom
list peaks assigned to the given atom
-l atom
list peaks assigned manually to given atom
-L level
list peaks with all assignment possibilities spanning more than level residues
list manually assigned peaks
list manually not assigned peaks
report only the number of matching peaks
-p number
list peak(s) with the given number
-P file
list peaks present in the given automated NOESY assignment file
-q quality
list peaks with less than the given overall assignment quality
-Q quality
list peaks with more than the given overall assignment quality
-r rank
list peaks with manual rank ≥ rank
list peaks for which the manual assignment was not found automatically
short output; do not report network-anchoring details
-S spectrum
list peaks from the given spectrum
list unassigned peaks
list violated peaks
-V violation
list peaks with distance restraint violation greater than violation
input CYANA automated NOESY assignment file(s) (.noa):

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