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Produces a summary table of a combined automated NOESY assignment and structure calculation run executed with the noeassign macro. The cyanatable command can be used for complete or partially completed runs. Statistics on the NOESY peak assignments, the upper distance bounds, and the structure calculation are extracted from output files produced by noeassign and arranged in a table with one column for each cycle of combined automated NOESY assignment and structure calculation. The standard output from the noeassign run must have been collected in a log file called either AUTO.out, CALC.out, CANDID.out, prefix.out, or logfile. If present, the given prefix is prepended to all other input file names. For instance, if the prefix is run1, then the cyanatable script will look for files named run1cycle1.noa, run1cycle1.ovw etc. instead of the files with default file names cycle1.noa, cycle1.ovw etc. Options:

long, more detailed output
report percentages instead of absolute values

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