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cyana [option] [macro]


The cyana shell script starts the CYANA program. If present, the given macro is executed by CYANA, otherwise the program will prompt for interactive input. The macro name can be given with or without the .cya extension.

The cyana command can only be invoked from the Unix shell. The command syntax follows Unix (not INCLAN) conventions.


-c command
command to start program
run in safe mode, i.e. within one directory
-t system
use executable for explicit system type
display name of executable without executing it

Executables for several different system types can be installed simultaneously. The cyana script chooses automatically an executable that is suitable for the present computer and operating system. Alternatively, the system can be chosen explicitly with the -t option.


The -c option can be used, for example, to start a parallel MPI version of the program with mpirun, or to run CYANA under the control of a debugger. For example,

cyana -t intel-debug -c gdb

starts a CYANA version for the system type intel-debug (compiled with the Intel Fortran compiler using switches to include debugging information) under the control of the GNU debugger, gdb.

The cyanajob script provides a convenient way to run CYANA calculations in parallel and/or in batch mode.

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