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cyanajob [option] macro parameters


Starts a parallel CYANA calculation using MPI. Starts CYANA to execute a macro as a batch or background job. The macro name can be given with or without the '.cya' extension. The cyanajob script is the preferred way to start a parallel CYANA calculation. For interactive use, CYANA is started through the cyana script. The cyanajob script is machine-dependent and must be adapted to the particular application environment when the program CYANA is installed. Machine-dependent default values of the following options can be inspected by using the '-h' option:

-a file
start job only after file exists
-j name
job name (default: macro)
-n nproc
number of processors
-o options
options for the CYANA program
-p program
name of the CYANA start script (default: cyana)
-q queue
batch queue
-s command
submit command
run CYANA in safe (restricted) mode

Frequently used options are -n to set the number of processors used in parallel, -p to specify the command by which CYANA is started (e.g. if different versions of the program are simultaneously installed on the system), and -q to choose a certain batch queue.

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